About Us

About Float Well

Floatation, Mindfulness, Meditation and More.

Float Well is a designed to provide a safe space for my clients to look after themselves. From the first step in the door to the last step out we will be a home from home, without the laundry, dishwasher and screaming kids….

With an owner who has a background in teaching mindfulness and meditation he has designed our store to be the moment of your week you wish for and the moment you don’t want to end.

While our Floatation experiences are a primary part of what we do, we will soon be growing into a space for mindfulness, meditation and breathwork, while hopefully throwing a few surprises in along the way.

A wellness hub to connect mind and body.


To create a community and space that promote good mental health.


Opening Float Wells first Location in February 2023 and introduce Floatation Therapy to the North Kildare/West Dublin area.


This too shall pass. Whether up or down, this too shall pass.

Core Value

Float Well will be a workplace that promotes fairness, diversity and inclusion for all and will be operated in along the lines of a mindful practice.

Our Value

Why We're Different and Authentic.

Floatation Therapy is becoming more and more popular with sites popping up all over the country. What makes us different is that our founder is a qualified Mindfulness Teacher who is aware of the both the benefits and limitations of elements of a mindfulness practice. Also a qualified Neuromuscular Therapist he is aware of the physical benefits of this practice. All of this means that whether you are looking for a single modality or to build a practice you want to adhere to, we have the expert on hand to give the advice you are looking for.

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Message From Our Founder

Welcome to Float Well, welcome home….

So a little about me. My name is Barry Joyce and I have been practicing meditation on and off for about 5 years, with a specific focus towards Mindfulness for over 2 years. I’m a father of 2 little beings, a boy and a girl, who are at the centre of my world.

I was always a little anxious without really knowing about it. I was raised like most Irish boys to not talk about these things and put them to the back of your head. All my energy went into sports and I would try my hand at anything. However I found my home with Athletics and football.

Leaving school I had always wanted to have a career in some way helping people and had also always wanted a sporting life. I found myself working in some of the major Irish chain gyms and local community centres over the next few years.

After a number of years life changed and I found myself working in the financial sector. As a young man the pull of weekends and evenings off and the the reduction in the fear of missing out was palpable. I spent the next 15 years or so working in finance roles in numerous positions.

I loved working as a financial advisor, as I was able to have genuine conversations with people about real concerns they may have and provide them with solutions if they wanted them.

The pressures of this environment along with everyday stresses took their toll and I lost myself for a number of years, putting work first and everyone else second. That’s when I started dabbling in meditation. It took the edge off and I felt I was better so my practice fell to the wayside until the next time I needed it, or at times forgot it existed.

Rock bottom came as did the pandemic, I found Mindfulness and I believe it saved me. It provided me first with the space where my panicked mind was not on my personal situation. Then it brought me an inner peace I had not known in years, if ever. It provided me with the space I needed to find my true self.

Completing a Diploma in Teaching Mindfulness and meditation formed the next step of my journey, as did studying breathwork through the Oxygen Advantage Programme as well as current studies under the Wim Hof Method I was amazed at how much control we could have over our mental wellbeing. It was in the middle of this journey I found floatation! I was blown away by my experience and soon visited a number of float tanks around the country. It was then I decided that a float centre would provide me with a space to help people, a space to provide courses in Mindfulness, to help everyone learn what I had learned, that we can take back control of our happiness.

So I am offering an open invitation, give me a call, drop in for a chat and a cup of tea. Float Well is a home away from home, a place to recover, a place to strengthen and a place to be with like minded people.

Talk soon,

Barry Joyce

Barry Joyce